Feeling Overwhelmed as you Prepare to Open?

Wouldn't it be lovely if someone handed you a 10 step checklist of what to do and when to do? If you're craving organization in the chaos of becoming a rookie practice owner, this is the course for you. It breaks down everything you need to know & do before you book your first client. To my type A, organized therapists- welcome home!

Calling Ambitious Therapists Looking to Be Introduced to the Private Practice World

This Course Was Designed for You If You Are

  • A Therapist Looking to Open Your Private Practice within the Next Year and Wants to Know Everything You Can Do to Prepare.
  • Ambitious Grad Students or New Therapists Who Wants to Start Getting Organized Now to Open One Day.
  • The Fly-By the Seat of Your Pants Therapists Who Just Opened But Aren't Sure if They Did It "Right".

We build out the foundation to a practice that will give you the time, money and freedom you’ve been dreaming of since grad school. You deserve more, let’s create it in Practice Prep.

Get Clear On Your Vision

I walk you through a vision strategy so you can map out what your building before you even start building it. If you're struggling with imposter syndrome and self-doubt, this is the module for you.

Finances for Year One

You will write out all the expenses you'll need to purchase before opening day, how to cut costs before you start making money and you go in depth on how to determine how much to charge per session.

Prep Your Marketing

Once we have you up and running it's time to start doing the work you love. We talk about marketing strategies that don't break the bank and will help you bring in your first several clients.

Choose a Pricing Option

So, You Want to Open a Private Practice?

Let me guess, you get the biggest adrenaline rush thinking about the possibility of building your dream practice? But this dream is also met with overwhelm and a lot of mindset blocks?

I've been there. I opened my baby practice in 2018 and built it step by step, while working a full time, soul sucking job, while throwing up in my office from my morning sickness, while balancing a baby on my hip, a dog at my feet and 50 unread emails.

I did it when they said I was too young to do it. I went private pay when they said I'd never get clients without taking insurance. I burned out, I made mistakes and I lost sleep over it.

So I'm not saying this will be easy, but I can tell you it'll be worth it.

Today I have a beautiful private practice in Annapolis, Maryland where I work the hours that work best for me, make the money I want to make to live an abundant life and have more energy and freedom in my work than I ever thought possible.

And yes, you can make good money as a therapist. Private practice is the only way I know how to do the work I love while making a healthy income.

I fully believe you're here for a reason. And that dream wouldn't have been placed on your heart if it wasn't meant for you too.

I've helped many therapists before you open and grow their private practices. Practice Prep is a fool proof system to help you feel relaxed and excited as you approach opening day. Let's start building!