You want to scale but have no idea how you'll find the time.

Your practice is full, or close to full, this is everything you dreamed of! But you feel like you are drowning in the day-to-day and cannot imagine finding the energy and time to scale.

You want to start a group practice, or an online business with courses and a podcast but don't want to sacrifice your mental health to do so.

You don't know where your focus should be and when and need to increase your capacity to scale.

Before your start learning how to scale beyond the 1-1 you need to increase your capacity to do so, so you can feel good while doing it.

I teach you the systems that increase your time and energy so you can actually move the needle in your business.

Here's what you get when you register for this Summer Intensive:

  • You'll attend both Masterclasses livewhere I teach you the productivity hacks on how to manage your time and energy better to actually reach your goals. You get put into breakout groups to work live with other ambitious female therapists and you get live feedback from me on how you'll improve your systems around productivity. 

  • You'll be emailed the The Scale Up Productivity Playbook: a PDF workbook that you get the day before the Master series to complete as you go through the program. 

  • TWO WEEK FACEBOOK GROUP! For the two weeks that the Master series is live you'll get access to the Productivity Summer Intensive, private FB group to ask questions and get to know the other therapists. This is live feedback from me for a great price!

  • A recorded video of the Master series that you can access for 30 days after the Intensive ends.

This is a small, intimate group setting. I am only allowing 20 therapists max into this intensive, so reserve your spot today before they are gone!

For questions shoot me an email at [email protected]

Two Live Classes

Meet live July 22nd and August 5th at 11Am EST to learn exactly how to increase your productivity to scale beyond the 1-1. Get put into Break Out Groups and get direct feedback from me.

Intimate Facebook Group

Get to know the other ambitious female therapists in the intensive, get live feedback from me in-between the Master series and post questions. You'll get a FB Live to hold you accountable with doing the work in-between Master Series.

Scale Up Productivity Playbook

It's everything you need in one PDF workbook to audit your time and energy leaks, identify where your focus needs to be next and increase your capacity to scale.

How Can I Go After Big Audacious Dreams Without Burning Out?

I knew there had to be some secret that I didn't know. How did SHE [Insert Business Idol Here] do it all and still have energy for the things she loves outside of work?

I worried maybe these dreams weren't possible for me, and only possible for other people who have wayyy more energy than I do.

Fast forward to today where I have:

  • A group practice
  • Therapy clients
  • A consulting company
  • A podcast
  • An Instagram
  • Regular course launches
  • And do speaking engagements

And then I come home to an energetic 2 year old and puppy.

I had to learn quickly how to increase my capacity to scale because I had too much on my plate to burnout. And I would've never had any of these things beyond the 1-1 therapy model if I didn't implement these exact productivity hacks that you need today.

We Meet Friday July 22nd and Friday August 5th at 11AM Est. Recordings provided.

Summer Intensive for Scale Ups